I noticed that we have had a lack of Guild Wars 2 info this week, which in my opinion would be a very likely week for info due to the pattern we have had for a while.

The schedule for the guildwars2.com pretty much is..

A new article every 2 weeks on Wednesday.
A new profession + article every 6 weeks, again on a wednesday.

The schedule for the blog is pretty much a Link round up a day or two after the article release, and a Q&A on the next wednesday between article releases. Anything else is random.

But due to the lack of and article on the main GW2 website this past week.. It got me thinking that it’s possible that sometime this week, they’ll release another profession and another article. It’s either than or that VoiceActing video they have been talking about and a new article. I’m not completely sure and this is just speculation. Well it’s mostly just high hopes really.

But I’m predicting that we’ll get something big soon. Either this week or next week. But don’t take my word for it, because I have no idea if they really will.

Random Fact about me: I like honey mustard and lite mayonnaise mixed on my Subway hoagies.

Jexx, off to create the best Subway hoagie ever! ..wow, deja vu.