Hey guys,  it’s Jexx again. Here to bring news about the elementalist, and what I think about it.  Now, the elementalist has a special ability. One would call them attunements, and the attunements include the 4 elements. Fire, which when attuned to causes anyone attempting to attack them with melee abilities to catch on fire. Air, which when attuned to causes one’s enemies to be pelted with lightning strikes. Water, which when attuned to causes any ally close by to be continuously healed. Earth, which when attuned to causes the user to be protected by magic.

Now, because of the element factor, it reminds me a lot of Avatar. Bending the elements to your will, to do your bidding. Here’s churning earth, a skill that reminds me greatly of something someone could do with earth bending.

Now, I left you something with my latest entry saying that my favorite elements are air and water. You may be wondering why they are my favorite elements, and that’s okay. Air is one of my favorite elements because, well, I always wanted to fly. And being able to control wind and lightning is just plain cool. You see a monster running towards you? That’s okay, put a static field around it.

Of course, I AM stunning? Right, right? …Tough crowd. Anyway, That is just such a cool thing to do. On the note of why water is one of my favorite elements,  I love swimming. It’s one of the closest ways to experience ‘flying’ in a sense. And being able to cause floods is always something I think would be cool. Plus, in GW2, water would be my support element, while Air would be my offensive element. Here’s a great example of the water element’s supporting qualities.

Now it’s time to discuss the elementalist’s skill types. We have glyphs, which enhance or modify the elementalist’s natural power. These sound pretty cool, including the given example on the official site.  The Glyph of Elemental Power will increase damage, range, and duration of spells. Overall it makes them much, much better. In my opinion they sound a lot like they are temporary traits.

Then there are the signets, which give an effect to the elementalist. Now, the official site describes these as on-going, and I’m not exactly sure what this means. I think it might mean that as long as you have it equipped it gives the effect. As the site also describes them as having an “activation” which when activated causes a greater effect, so in essence it’s like as long as you have the signet equipped you have an on-going effect, but when you click on it in your skill bar, it gives a greater effect for a certain amount of time. The official site gives an example of “An elementalist equipped with the Signet of Earth has increased damage resistance, but activating the Signet sends out a wave of stone, stunning nearby enemies.” Now that sounds pretty cool. I can’t wait to play an elementalist.

Next up to bat, we have the conjure spells! These are something I consider amazing, as you can conjure up elemental weapons to use, and for others to use.  Essentially you can use these spells to summon items or weapons that normally have a certain elemental quality to them. As I said before, you yourself can use them, and others can use them. That makes it quite amazing, as then others that aren’t an elementalist can get a feel of the elemental powers. As a warrior you may be able to pick up a fiery greatsword and you will get a set of weapon skills with a fire-quality to them. Quite amazing, I wonder if an asura designed these skills.

Last but not least, we have the area spells! These are used to inflict mayhem and damage all around the battlefield. A great example of an area spell, in my opinion, is Meteor Shower. Now, I’m not absolutely sure it actually is an area spell, but it certainly looks like one.

Now that we have the skill types covered, it’s onto more Elementalist things.

We have more info about the attunements under the videos. It turns out the attunements are actually separate skills, and they are on a 4-slot skill bar above the normal skill bar.  They change the first 5 skills of an elememtalist’s skill bar,  just like the weapons do. They also provide an on-going effect when attuned to an element, sort of like a signet in a way.  So when carrying a staff while attuned to fire, you’ll have different skills than when your carrying a sceptre and focus while attuned to fire. Now, it also turns out the elementalist can only use one weapon set in combat, and can’t carry around a second one to use. But, you have the elements to even that out.

On the note of weapons, we also have a list of weapons the elementalists will use.

On the one-handed side, we have

*Sceptre – focuses on close ranged spells

*Dagger – focuses on medium ranged spells, they also cast spells quickly

On the off-hand side, we have

*Dagger – focuses on medium-ranged abilities

*Focus – focuses on close-ranged abilities

On the two-handed side, we have

*Staff – focuses on long-ranged spells, also casts slowly

Now, I’m confused at something. Why are daggers medium-ranged and sceptres and focii are close-ranged? I’m thinking either ArenaNet made a typo, or daggers are just thrown by an elementalist. It would actually be very cool if the elementalist threw the daggers normally. That means that the role for each weapon, could be different for each profession that has a certain weapon. Now, to show an example of how the sceptre isn’t exactly close ranged..

That isn’t exactly close-ranged. Unless you consider that the phoenix is attacking the skritt in melee form. But still… it’s not really close-ranged in my opinion.

On the bolded part, which is abilities. Now, what exactly are abilities? Are they like glyphs and signets? I’m not sure to be honest. I guess we’ll just have to speculate and wait for ArenaNet to release the game.

Onto the random fact of the day. My favorite colors are green, blue, black, and white.

Jexx, off to learn how to bend air and water!