Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Jexx,  and this is my first blog entry.

Now, you may be wondering, “Jexx, what exactly is this blog going to be about?”

Well, I have the answer for you, as you probably expect. It’s mainly going to be about Guild Wars 2. I’ll probably update randomly, whenever new information comes out and when I feel like sharing with you guys. However, this blog will also be about other things in my life. As I’m only 15, when I get back into the times of high school, I’ll probably mention some things about my life in some entries. Your free to comment on them, but you don’t have to.

Now that I have my main intro over with, and you now know what the blog is going to be about, you may be wondering why my name is Jexx. Or maybe even why this blog is called Jexx’s sightings.  Well, the reason my name is Jexx is elementary my dear Watson. I am in good-standing of the College of Statics,  studying the Eternal Alchemy full-time bookah, and whoopin’ charr butt part-time. (I’m sorry Tigerfeet, I couldn’t resist) Anyway, yes, Jexx is going to be my asura’s name. And, the asura are my favorite race after all. The sylvari follow close behind though. On the note of sylvari and names though, my sylvari’s name is Jaeden.  Now, how did I come up with those two fine names you ask? Well, the traditional naming system for the asura is that it contains mostly of one short name.  Asura names normally end in a sharp pronunciation. Like Vekk or Gadd for instance. The sharpness is normally shone with two consonants, except in the case of female asura, whose names normally end with a vowel. Jexx is a name that sounds very asura in my opinion. Now, the naming of the sylvari seem to follow a style of gaelic or fae-natured names.  Now, I completely made up the name Jaeden, but it sounds gaelic and fae in my opinion, if you disagree just leave a comment.

Now, to why my blog is named Jexx’s Sightings. Well, I’m Jexx and I see things. I guess I could get all metaphorical and stuff and say it’s because I see things for the way the really are in terms of Guild Wars 2 news, but I can’t be sure of that. I really just called this blog Jexx’s Sightings because I honestly had no idea what to name it.

Now in the future of this blog, I’ll probably end up posting a ton of speculation. Tomorrow, I’ll release an article on what I think about the Elementalist. Just to give you something..

My favorite elements are Air and Water.

Jexx, off to study the eternal alchemy!